Welcome to Bonanza 2022 in Västervik!

On this website, we will continuously inform about Bonanza 2022 in English.

On March 3 we have 251 participants registred to the Bonanza!

You will find a list over the participant here


Sign up for Bonanza 2022!

Invitation and information about Bonanza 2022 http://media.kalmarturf.se/2022/01/Eng_Invitation-to-Bonanza-2022.pdf

Go to registration form: https://forms.gle/KLVQEUt8YUnxwwb79

Buy a VIP-ticket to Bonanza 2022 (reduced price)!

Buy this Year’s Christmas Gift for only 540 SEK (~41 £)! Give the Christmas present to a Turf friend or give it to yourself! The ticket includes entrance at the Bonanza Banquet with a free welcome drink, dinner buffet with water / light beer, dessert and coffee. The Christmas present also includes a free Bonanza T-shirt in high quality and a delicious Bonanza multiheadware (T-shirt and headware can be chosen in navy blue or blue). The ticket holder can also receive a real good barbecue sausage with bread and drinks at the event area upon presentation of the ticket. With your ticket number, you finally participate in the draw for a great mobile phone. Do not miss this unique opportunity and do not forget to bring your ticket with you to Västervik!

You can buy this year’s Christmas present by sending an e-mail to kalmarturfforening@gmail.com Enter your name and nickname. You will receive the VIP-ticket and information about BIC and IBAN numbers for international payment. The ticket is valid when the payment is made.

ake a look here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a0W77_xch-XXaXSAB-nF77x_4fNCuhAq/view?usp=sharing

Offer of discounted accommodation in Västervik

Kalmar Turf Association has received a discount on three accommodations in Västervik 20-22 May 2022. You can find the offer via this link http://media.kalmarturf.se/2021/10/Accommodation-Bonanza-2022-1.pdf

Teaser video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CGDQZ7qHpFeGLqpyGCHfw9ekp3Xox6se/view